Top websites for 2009

I love the end of the year when all the “best of” lists  appear. You also start to see predictions for the coming year and although I’m not going to do mine you should check out an article in today’s Guardian on the 100 top sites for the year ahead.

A lot of these are sites we already know about although there are a lot of smaller sites that could break in the mainstream. I think collaborative sites will be big next year and will grow as people feel more comfortable about saving stuff in “the cloud”. I really like the idea behind

Personally my favourite find in 2008 was Metacritic – the site aggregates critic reviews for films, music, games, etc and returns a score out of 100. It’s normally my first port of call however I really should have looked before going to see the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still at the cinema the other day. If you’re interested, a Metascore of 39, or “Generally negative reviews”…


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