The Crunchies 2008…

…Or the second annual TechCrunch awards as I would rather call them (and unfortunately nothing to do with the famed Cadbury’s chocolate bar) took place last week and for the second year Facebook won the overall prize. As any web geek will tell you TechCrunch is often the first port of call for Web 2.0 developments and The Next Big Thing™.

This year’s winner of the Best New Start-Up 2008 was FriendFeed. Founded by ex-Googlers, this site aggregates feeds from various social media and social networking sites (as well as host of other sources) in to one handy site, effectively removing the need to login to Facebook, MySpace, etc to keep up to date with your friends. Like most good ideas, this is a simple one and worth keeping an eye on in 2009.

As for Facebook winning the overall prize again, personally I am little suprised at this. I think Facebook has underwhelmed from an advertiser’s point of view and is struggling to justify some of the wild valuations it was labelled with this time last year.

Anyway, for the full list of winners from this year’s “Crunchies” click here.


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