Twitter going mainstream?

I read a report from Hitwise that traffic to the Twitter site has trebled since the start of the year (admittedly starting from a small base). It has now broken in to the top 100 UK websites and appears to be heading for the mainstream. A large part of this growth has been fuelled by the increased media coverage of “celebrity” users such as Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry who have over 250,000 followers between them.

I did sign up to Twitter last summer although I’m not sure I got it at the time. This was about the same time Twitter turned off SMS updates in the UK which to my mind was the point of keeping in touch / micro-blogging wherever you happened to be, and what differentiated it from things like Facebook status updates. Although that functionality has not returned, I have discovered a number of apps to help (Twitterrific, Twhirl, Twitterberry – I see a theme in the naming of these apps!).

As a result, I have decided to give it another go to see what the fuss is about. And just in case you’re interested in what I’m to you can follow me at:

I will report back soon…


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