Internet Explorer: The Next Generation

Internet Explorer

I read an interesting article the other day (via about the next iteration of Internet Explorer, IE9, and from what I read it all sounds pretty lackluster. Based on the benchmark figures IE9 won’t be as quick as browsers currently available to users – I find this incredible… how are Microsoft not planning on building something that is better that what’s out there in the market at the moment?

Frankly IE8 was disappointing from a user’s experience.  I stopped using IE as my default browser a couple years ago and have since been using Firefox, or more recently, Chrome. The main reasons being speed and ease of use. For me IE became to slow, clunky and littered with toolbars that I never used.

Also from a more geeky point of view IE9 won’t be supporting HTML5 which to me could be the nail in the coffin. I certainly won’t pretend to be an expert in web coding but from the sounds of it more and more pages will be written using this standard which means people won’t be able to view them using IE which would kind of make IE irrelevant for certain users.

I am hopeful that as user become more web-savvy they will demand more from an IE browser or just start to use an alternate, superior browser. I think if MS starts to significantly lose some of its market share in this area then it will force them to up their game.


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