Obama 2012… already?

So, I haven’t written a blog in a while so apologies for subjecting you to Anand’s posts alone for so long (that’s a joke by the way). While I haven’t lost the motivation to write, I have not had a great deal of spare time and other things going on have meant this dropped down the pecking order of life’s priority list. Anyway, I’m back…

I saw this morning that Presidrnt Obama has launched his re-election bid with a campaign ad on YouTube. I was struck as just how early this was as he’s only just served over half of his four year term. I know they do elections diferently in the US but I just can’t imagine that happening over here in the UK. It would be hard to maintain voters’ interest for an 18 month run-up to an election. We’re an apathetic bunch as it is when it comes to politics.


Then there’s the cost. The 2008 election was the costliest election to date and I have no doubt that will be surpassed by the 2012 candidates. Apparently $1 billion dollars was spent on the previous campaign, which more than doubled since 1996. Starting this early isn’t going to help campaign funds.

Next year’s election will be interesting though as it seems the Republican party still doesn’t have a credible candidate. Despite a somewhat indifferent first two years in office, I think Barack Obama has a good chance of re-election but it will be interesting to see what platform he runs on – the “change” he spoke of previously has not been forthcoming so I wonder of voters will take him to task on that.

Lastly, it seems Obama is picking up where he left off with his use of social media as a campaigning tool. Typically election campaigns are kicked off with a memorable poster campaign dreamt up by advertising  executives but he has chosen to launch with a YouTube video – a medium that can be viewed far and wide, and is easily shared. You can watch the video for yourself here:

– Baydr  


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