Google Buzz

Google launched their foray in to the social media space last night with the launch of Google Buzz. The handy video above demonstrates exactly how this service will work and they have begun roll-out to Gmail users worldwide. While I haven’t had the chance to use it yet I do have a few thoughts in no particular order:

  1. Part of me wonders if we need another addition to this market – will this find a place amongst twitter and Facebook status updates?
  2. Social media is an area that Google is missing out on so you can see why they are keen to get a product out there
  3. How does Wave fit in to all of this?
  4. Cleverly, by building this into Gmail they already have an potential installed userbase of over 150m users which would instantly put them in to second place behind Facebook

I’ll be interested to see the take-up of this service, and try it out myself…


Star Wars / adidas campaign

Love this campaign at the moment. The coming together of two iconic brands…

Very cool video below and check out the Death Star Superlaser App featuring Facebook Connect here.

Apple’s tablet computer coming 27th January?

We’ve all heard the rumours circulating for what feels like the last 12 months and seen the fake Photoshop images that bored people knock up in their bedrooms.

Now it sounds like Apple could finally be making an annoucement on January 27th after journalists received an invite to an event in San Francisco. More information on Brand Republic.

New Nike App

Looking forward to checking out this new app from Nike/AKQA. They normally produce great apps and from a user’s point of view, a great user experience.

A Twitter success story

With all of the distressing news and images coming from Haiti in the last week, there has at least been one positive story related to the disaster. A Red Cross text messaging campaign is on course to raise $20 million, according to Mashable.

This is quite incredible since the campaign message has spread virally, mainly through Twitter and Facebook. The beauty of this campaign is surely how quickly it was able to be up and running, reaching people while the events in Haiti are still at the forefront of people’s minds. Of course, its success is still dependent on the online community spreading the word which is what social media does so effectively.

I think a quote from the article sums up the campaign’s  success well when it says,  “It’s a model that will likely become the standard for disaster relief.

Orange Friend-O-Meter

I really like Orange’s Friend-O-Meter site built to promote the Motorola Dext. Based on the simple premise of “how good a friend are you?”, it can log into your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts and then quiz you on your friends.

I managed a respectable 7/10 although it did remind me of the need to cull some of those lesser friends on Facebook! After the quiz, you can then post your score to Facebook or Twitter which then helps the game move on virally.

This is definitely one of the better uses of Facebook Connect I have seen recently.

Google launches real-time search

It’s been coming for a while but Google has launched its real-time search functionality which will include up to the minute results from social networks, blogs, etc.

You can watch the demo, or try it out yourselves.

It will be interesting to see how this works in practice, and what this means for brands online.