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The Force isn’t strong

I sometimes wonder what people who don’t work in the marketing and advertising talk about with their colleagues when they get in to work in the mornings. Yesterday everyone at work was talking about the new Star Wars / adidas commerical that had aired over the weekend with real excitement – maybe the rest of the population just isn’t so easily impressed?

For those who haven’t had the pleasure they can check it out here:

So what’s the verdict? Of course it’s cool… did you not see Snoop with a lightsaber? But for me, that is it. It’s like some ad executives sat around the boardroom saying, “wouldn’t it be cool if we could recreate the scene from Star Wars with David Beckham?”. And then they made it…

Maybe you can be cool by association but this ad doesn’t really have a message apart from a vague connection to the World Cup, based on the sign at the beginning. This is nowhere near as good as Nike’s “Write the Future”. But then again, I don’t have “Like” it to see it…


Independent thinking

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged but have been busy with training for a marathon and also finding a new job.

Had to post this new general election-themed ad for the Independent which I really like:

I like its simplicity in getting across the fact that the Independent will provide balanced reporting, unlike some of its more partisan competitors in the run up to the election. A simple idea, well executed. Will be interested to see see the supporting digital ads.

RSS feed advertising

I read with interest that Yahoo! will be discontinuing its Ads in RSS service – the service allowed contextual advertising to be served in RSS feeds. Google and other providers also offer a similar service.

I can’t say I am surprised at this announcement as the way people consume RSS is very different from just plain ol’ web browsing.  People subscribing to these feeds are just looking for specific content to be delivered and are not in “browse” mode as they may be were they to read the same stories on the web. As a user myself of RSS I am looking to skim through content sent to me and will only click through those stories that pique my interest.

As with any new media channel I would always advocate testing these and often new innovations give us an opportunity to talk to clients, keeping them ahead of the game. Indeed, I tested RSS advertising back in late 2007 for a client and although results were unspectacular it demonstrated how we are always thinking of new ways to grow and improve campaign learnings and results.